Our Company

The development of our expertise began in the Swiss watch industry, producing miniature precision parts on Swiss screw machines.

An early essential accessory was a part separator, to help prevent the loss of parts in the chips. As manufacturing technology progressed, the increased quality demands and added competition from unattended manufacturing created the need for advanced part collection and separation products such as belt conveyors, carousel conveyors and accumulation tables.

Expertise in part collection and separation

The rotary parts carousels and accumulation tables we produce enhance production and quality during both attended and unattended operations

  • Carousel conveyors separate parts in batches, based on the hours or minutes they are produced.
  • Accumulation tables eliminate the damage caused by parts dropping onto each other.
  • The belt conveyors we design are easily adaptable to any machine and are designed to withstand the rugged conditions of metal cutting lathes.